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Radio Antenna Delete w/CB Antenna Install?

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Hey guys, I'm getting some smaller things done on the MJ after all the paint and bodywork and since I never listen to the radio and I'm putting a Cobra weatherband CB in instead I had an idea. With the newer 97+ front end swap the old radio antenna won't work for me anyways so has anyone put a CB antenna in the radio antenna's place? I was thinking of fabing up a bracket to bolt to the inner fender and have the CB antenna poke up through the fender and put a gasket of some sort in the fender hole to protect the paint and keep the antenna somewhat rigid to that point. I plan to reuse the radio antenna grommet into the cab and just seal it with RTV where I cut it. Thoughts on this? Pics of it having been done?



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I had done this in the past, and couldn't get the SWR down below 2.3. Tried with a 4" fiberglass whip from Radio Shack, 3' Firestick and 3' K40. With a 102" whip I got 1.7. The fender is just not a good place for a CB antenna.


I now run the 3' K40 on top of a spring mount on the middle of the roof with an SWR of 1.0.

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