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drive shaft length?

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I went spring over axle with rearched springs (~8" higher than stock in the rear) and used a YJ yoke for just a bit of added length. It worked, but didn't engage the transfer case as much as I'd like. I then swapped in an 8.25" which has a 1" longer nose on it and it was a lot better. After I bent that shaft I had a 2wd Toyota one shortened to my specs (about 1/2" longer still). After I dented and bent that one I got another stock one. When I twisted that one in half I had a bullet proof one made out of 3/16 DOM tubing, same length as the shortened Toyota one. Front driveshaft has always been fine.


So for the front you are fine, for the rear you should be (going SOA, I assume, as nobody I know makes 5.5" lift Comanche rear springs). Only way to tell for sure is to do the lift, then measure for the length at ride height, full compression, and full droop.

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Not necessarily. The nose of the 8.25" is about an inch longer than the D35, meaning your driveshaft may need to be shortened a bit.


If you crawl under your truck ad look where the driveshaft goes into the transfer case, you should be able to see (from the rust) how much of it never goes into the transfer case. If there's an inch or more you'll be fine.

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