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New to the club... my new DD MJ.

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I just bought an 88 MJ Pioneer 4.0 a/c 5spd buckets...and will be picking it up next saturday. I got into the construction ind. a couple years ago and could really use a truck. My 94 YJ wasnt too comfortable either for a DD and I will be re building my YJ in the near future to a YJ-8. So i needed a daily driver. I searched craigslist and found this one. Has some rust mainly in the floor pans. A small spot under the bed and coming up above the rear flare, pass side fender has some bubbeling. Truck comes with new floor pans and i plan on doing them this summer. I will do a quick patch job to get me threw the rest of the winter. The interior is filthy and in the bed as the seller was planing on doing the floor pans. When i get it home I plan on cleaning the hell out of it and giving it a nice tune up. It needs a new shifter since the trans was out of YJ. It has full gages not the lights but no tach, so i will be swapping in a different guage cluster. I like the bucket seats and the matching rear cap. It has a new 3.5" RE super ride lift with a flowmaster exhaust and new 31"BFG all terrains. Some small odds and ends like a fatory rear step bumper and a new radio and fixing the non working rear speakers.

I saw alot of ideas on this site, like new interior lights ect that i plan on doing. Mainly i want to get it up and running great and cleaned in a few weeks so i can start using it for my horrible work commute. When summer comes around i will dig in and start protecting and preserving the jeep to last.


here's a couple pics..



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