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Need Help With Next Step(s) in My Project.

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I haven't worked on my project for almost 3 months and there's plenty of excuses...


  • - Christmas/New Years
    - Lack of money
    - Lack of time


The real problem is that I'm WAY in over my head. I knew this when I started, and I planned on it being a huge learning experience, but I'm at a point now where I'm not sure what to tackle next. The link to my project is located in my signature, but to give you a brief idea of where I'm at, here's a quick list:


  • - Engine/tranny removed
    - Front axle removed
    - Bed removed
    - All electrical, fuel & brake lines removed
    - Gas tank removed
    - Entire interior is gutted
    - Front fenders removed
    - Doors removed
    - Bumpers removed


Basically all that's left is the rear axle, frame, cab and the front/rear glass.


Here's a list of what I intend to do:


  • - Plate Unibody and rear frame
    - Dana 60 front
    - 14 bolt rear
    - 350 V8 with 4L60 or 80 transmission...... not sure which transfer case
    - Novak engine mounts & transfer case adapter (and most likely wiring adapter)
    - After market seats
    - 38.5x13.5x17 tires
    - Heavy inner wheel well modification front and back
    - Coilover front/back
    - 4-link front, triangulated 4-link rear suspension setup
    - Hannemann fiberglass bedsides and front fenders
    - Roll cage


My build plan is almost identical to The Zone Comanche.


So basically I'm completely overwhelmed with what I should be focusing on next. Any/all advice would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if more info is required.

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You've got the entire thing stripped except for the rear axle so I would remove it and the suspension as well. Then before frame stiffening locate and repair all rust first as stiffening will do nothing if it's rotted out from rust. Best and easiest option would be sand blasting the frame right before welding on stiffeners to get it down to bare steel and remove any underlying rust. That's where I'd start is at the base and work your way up from stiffeners to engine mounts to suspension and continue on. If you plan it out and have the finances and space you can have the engine and trans inside the garage working on it on days that the weather prevents outside work to be done. After stiffening the frame I'd coat it with POR-15 for some good protection.

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