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FS SE WI aw4 transmissions(s), 2x4 ax15. $100-$150


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I have two aw4 transmissions to sell


one, from a '95 23 spline output, has 93,000 miles on it, comes with torque converter. worked great when removed. I got this with all of my H.O. parts for my 87 mj, but did not use the trans because I already had one that was pretty beat on but solid. didn't want to put a low miles trans in and just grenade it when I had one that worked already installed.

This transmission was perfectly functional when removed from the jeep, and aside from it being a good idea to always replace the TC pump seal, it doesn't need anything.

I'd like $150 for it


Second one is from a '99 xj 23 spline output with around 120,000 miles on it. comes with torque converter.

I pulled it out of a parts jeep I got that had the front end taken off by a semi truck. the fluid drained out a nice deep unburnt red, and the PO said he hadn't had a fluid change in over a year. I have no doubt that it operates perfectly

I'd like $125 for this one


I also have a 2wd renix era ax15 in good shape. shifts nice through the gears, but has internal slave bell housing. No metal shavings on the plug magnet when drained, fluid looked old but not junk.

I'll let it go for $100.


Located in Burlington, WI. you can pm me here, or call/text at (two6two) 7one6-5one7six

I'm available almost 24/7, name is Pat.

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I texted your cell Pat and responded to your thread on NAXJA as well.


I'm close to you in Roscoe, IL


I could use 1 of your AW4s for my 89' MJ 1 ton with 21 spline ax15/231 in it now.


thanks Troy :wavey:


text me back bro :yes: 815 222 9409

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