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oldrust.....89 pioneer longbed

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I decided to go ahead and put together a project thread to see what you guys think of my work truck.

My story starts one day when I went to do work on a bobcat for a friend of my dads. I pulled in the driveway and saw what I thought was a cherokee sitting beside the garage. Low and behold what I found was a veru rusty 89 pioneer longbed 4x4 with a 4.0 and a 5 speed. The truck satarted but missed badly and had a bad clunk in the d35 when you tried to drive it. I wound up getting the truck for a case of beer and a filter change on the bobcat and drug her home. (sorry i never thought to get any pics of the old girl as found) Took the truck home and tuned it up but still had a real bad miss. Also pulled the diff cover to find the ring gear was missing about 5 teeth in one spot thus the clunk. At the same time my father in law had given me a 90 furd ranger longbed ext cab 2x4 with a noisy motor and bad trans. I had no interest what so ever in this truck so i wound up pulling the wheels / tires and a few other parts and swapping the rest to a local junkyard for a wrecked 90 xj. I wound up pulling the rearends fuel rail and injectors and a few other pieces from the xj and got the mj running and driving like a top.


So at that pint my little mj looked about like this


Soa on the rear axle and 3 inch coils up front with 3.55 gears


The next on the list was the completely rusted and mangled rear bumper. I wanted something sturdy with a reciever hitch built in.Left the truck with a friend to use a couple days while his truck was in the shop and wound up with this


Bumper is a little bigger than i was looking for but he built it for nothing and it has saved the back of the mj a couple times now......Also comes in handy for pushing derby cars and stuck forklifts around at work....lol


Thats all I have time for now ....to be continued

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