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8.25 into MJ

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Pretty much, yes. Cut off the spring perches and shock mounts, then have new spring perches welded on in the correct location.


You can do the cutting yourself with an angle grinder and a cutting disk. After that use a grinding disk to clean it up and remove all rust and grease to show shiny metal (needed for a clean weld). Then have someone with a large welder burn the new perches on. If you have a buddy who can do it it might cost you a six pack. I had a local welding shop do it for $20.


If you are staying spring under, stock perches from Mopar or Summit Racing (the 8.25" tubes are the same diameter as a Ford 9") will work fine. If you're going SOA I suggest longer perches, such as those made by http://www.ruffstuffspecialties.com

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Be aware the 8.8 is an inch narrower. Not a big deal for Cherokees and Wranglers, but in Comanches it can cause problems between the tire and the inside of the wheel wells, so you have to run wheel spacers or wheels with less backspacing.


Not to mention adapting either the pinion yoke or the driveshaft to hook up to each other and adapting the parking brake cables.

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I have mercilessly abused my 8.25" with a locker and 35" tires for almost three years now with never a problem.


That includes doing a rear wheel stand bouncing under full throttle trying to climb a steep rocky ledge. Although that one stint cost me a rear driveshaft. Breaking a 29 spline 8.25" takes larger than 35" tires, more weight than a Comanche and/or more power than the 4.0 puts out.

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