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Fuse Block

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I got a fb and harness from an 89 Cherokee automatic(no m/c, so no leakage) and it looks brand new. Also the later model Cherokee fuse blocks are labeled with numbers instead, no biggie, but mine will look ariginal. I was originally going to replace the whole harness. Now I will remove and replace each wire one at a time, replacing corroded terminals as needed. It originally sounded to tedious, but now I'm convinced thats the way to go. Here's just one thread:


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I cut the wires back as far as i could from the donor xj. Brought it in the house and sit with a really small screwdriver and took the contacts out one at a time.( They have small clips on each side of them ) Took the empty box out to the truck with all the wires in hand. Pulled the truck box down as far as i could get and pulled up a chair... Put the boxes side by side and started swapping wires. One at a time.

Making sure that the contacts were descent and when i came to one that wasn't i would leave it and install a newer one. I took plenty of pictures because i had to walk away for breaks. Took a total of 3-4 hours with 5-6 spliced wire. Far easier than tearing the dash apart and reistalling it.

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