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Grand Cherokee Advice needed


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Hope this is in the right spot on the forum...

My son bought some axles for his '03 Grand Cherokee from a JY a week or so ago. After he got them home and removed the springs on the front axle, he saw that one of the spring perches were rusted out. This axle has varlok (LSD) so he wants to keep it but he doesnt want a half baked solution.


Can anyone offer any advice on a quality solution? This Grand is his daily driver.


Here is a link to the photo:


http://www.jeepsunlimited.com/forums/sh ... ost4748856

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Can he remove the spring mount from his axle and get it welded to the new axle? I realize the swap would no longer be a simple bolt on job, bit the cost would be very little of you have or know somebody who has a welder.


That picture makes me want to spray the spring mounts on my rigs!

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