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No Brakes!!

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Hey everybody. I am having a lot of trouble getting any pedal with my brakes. i just got my 4x4 swap done on a 91 long bed. i swapped the 2wd axle out with the hp dana 30 and bought new calipers and everything for it and bled my brakes like crazy to still have no pedal and terrible stopping power. The truck has a ford 8.8 disc brake rear and and i wound up buying new calipers for it, along with a new master cylinder, and a porportioning valve from a grand cherokee for disc brakes. i recently eliminated the rear load sensing valve because i have heard hardly any good news about them and i have air bags on the back of the truck so the truck does not squat like it should anyways. i have bled and bled the system over and over again trying to get brakes with no luck. any thoughts?

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