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Cherokee/Comanche Parts (NJ)


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Trying to clear out most of this stuff so I can get some space back and a few bucks to build up my one tons. I have way too much to list so feel free to ask if I have something.


The stuff I don't have:



Drive Shafts


Grills/Front Panel


Easier to get ahold of me via PM but I'll try to check this a few times a day.


Just a small sampling of parts, there's PLENTY more out there.

-91-95 full gauge speedometer (high mileage but can swap your odometer over to keep correct mileage)...$40

-Gray headliner fabric, has a few little marks but should clean up nicely, basically brand new, only opened the bag to look at it...$30

-Power window regulators...$30 per door (have both front door regulators pulled and tested)

-NP231 shifter and factory linkages...$25

-'87-'90 Renix 4.0L ECU made by Bendix, Jeep had the AW4 and NP231 (either EF8953005428 or S101140203A is the number, both numbers are on the tag)...$40

-(2) Exhaust Manifolds (1 Renix, 1 HO)...$40 each

-(1) Intake Manifold, no fuel rail or throttle body...$40

-(2) Flex Plate, includes dust shield (Renix)...$40 each

-(4) Coolant Bottles (2 Renix, 2 HO)...$10 each

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Sorry, that's another thing I don't have. Didn't even think about a lot of the interior when I put that up.


Just to add, I don't have a lot of the interior but supposedly there are two Comanches at a junkyard like 45 mins away. Been meaning to head down that way but just haven't had the time lately.

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