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Strobe lighting

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Just picked up a lighted lund visor for my 99 cherokee, which I am putting a meyers 6.6" ez-connect plow on in the next few weeks. I would like to put strobes on the jeep but don't want an actual strobe light, magnetic or otherwise, on the roof.


I have this crazy idea of converting the ambers on the visor into strobes, as well as converting the bulbs over to L.E.D. at the same time.


For the rear, I'm planning on removing the lenses from the tail light housing, and converting the tail, turn, and reverse lights to L.E.D. as well, them gluing the lenses back on.


I would assume that I need a controller for the strobes, but I'd also like to be able to use them all as running lights.


Aside from that, I do not plan on putting strobes on the roof in the rear, save maybe on the third brake light. There won't be a salter on back so I should be able to use tge tail lights themselves once I've converted to l.e.d.

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Make sure what you're intending to do is legal in your neck of the woods.


My thoughts would be that a Lund with strobes would be distracting, as it would directly flash onto your hood, as opposed to a roof-mounted [or headache rack] setup where the roof itself deflects the light [magnetic strobe or bolted light bar].


Also, if you take a good close look at your local constabulatory Impala, Charger, or Crown Vic, you will notice that the strobe lights are separate lights from the actual brake or turn signal bulbs, usually with a secondary hole in the back of the lens for bulb socket fitment.

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