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99XJ 2wd 4.0 auto donor for an 86 MJ 4x4 2.5 AX5?

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There's a cheap low mileage 2X XJ which is next to useless here in Alaska in winter. If I could get it for a song, how viable a donor candidate is it? Can't think of anything xfer case specific in the ECU, just maybe the 4x4 indicator light in the dash be spliced into the harness.

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My '97 donor was 2wd, so my indicator lights don't work. I'm not too concerned since if I put it in 4wd, I'm going to know that its in 4wd. I wouldn't mind having the lights, but it just seems like a lot of trouble for something not that useful. Other than needing a 4wd transmission, everything else worked fine.

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