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Rear diff warm after 30mins at highway speed. Normal?

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Hi all :wrench:

As title, my rear diff is getting warm after highway driving with no load on. Not hot, just pleasantly warm to touch. Is that normal? I've never noticed it get warm before unless I'm hauling, which I'd expect, but I've had a wheel bearing replaced recently so I'm keeping an eye on things down there.

The new bearing was just a little tight after it was installed but the guy who did it said that was normal to allow for bedding in. Sound right? I thought so but wanted to check the forum wisdom.

TIA :thumbsup:

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I think I'd want it "pleasantly warm". Lotsa stuff going on in there what with the meshing of gears and xx amount of RPM's...it's got to be warm.. They make aluminum diff covers with ribs to dissipate the heat...but just warm is to be expected with any machine.

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