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Comanche project.

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Finnay bought a comanche, Ive wanted one for as long as I could remember but if your from NJ You know how hard they are to find.

I have a 1987 comanche base, auto, long bed, 4X4 This is The exact set up I wanted.


My plans for the truck are to off road it and use it for moving stuff around, it is a pick up truck after all!


I loaded the back up with like almost 500lbs, and the rear bumper was almost on the ground. I want my truck to hold at least 1000lbs without sagging too much.


So my idea for the truck is to go SOA in the rear with stock height metric ton springs.

and in the front do v-8 grand cherokee coils. Will this set-up lift it high enough to fit 33s? I plan to chop the fenders a little but I don't want to go crazy and make it look like crap.

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