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Timmmmmy's sportruck

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Here is my 1989 RWD sportruck, auto, 2.5L. She has 177,000 Km and is completly stock original.




Truck needed some tlc when I brought it home and thats what it got.

-New Brakes, calipers and rotors

-New fuel tank, and filter

-New o2 sensor, cat, egr, air temp sensor

-Replaced craked exhaust manifold,


How this truck remained rust free in Northern Canada I'll never know but It will babied from here on in. The old timer I bought it from said it was his wife's truck and that nearly all the KM on it are HWY going beteen the Yukon and Vancouver. Even though it is not 4X4 (Yet) I think I found a hell of truck and couldn't be happier.


Since then I have put new tires and rims which I will post pics of shortly.

Current projects on the go include door locks, exhaust leak, and suspension work which I am thinking long and hard about. I will keep you all posted, Ryan

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Here are some pics of the new tires and the 2" lift


New tires are 30X9.5 cooper discoverer ATRS. The lift consists of new Moog variable rate coil springs, 2" coil puck spacers, new track bar mounts, brake lines, add a leafs and shocks


Here is a shot of the interior. All in all in pretty good shape, no tears or rips, nothing broken, everything works.


I think it has a factory Comanche bed liner as Comanche is moulded in big letters into the fron of the liner, pretty cool.

I will keep you posted as I continue to work on it.

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