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AX-15 problems

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this morning the mechanic finished up mt tranny work (just installing it), turns out its a bad transmission, 1st and 2nd don't work, 3rd and 4th work to some degree, 5th does not work and reverse does now and then.. also while in some of the gear positions the shifter can move left to right, example 2nd right to 4th. i needed to get it home so i drove it the mile to my house in third, it sounded like a bucket of bolts...


can this tranny be rebuilt? or am i out of luck, again...

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I had a similar thing happen with a car I used to have.... It would only stay in 3rd and 4th! It's most likely NOT you're transmission.... in my case it was a cracked clip in the actual shifter assembly, so it wouldn't hold the shifter to any sides i.e. 1st/2nd and 5th. I'm new to the MJ scene but just thought I'd pitch my 2 cents to maybe help ease ur mind :popcorn:


Fingers crossed for ya!

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