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engineless Jeep help

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the other day i was pokeing around the engine bay of the XJ and my Red Comanche and noticed the engine mounts seemed to be in slightly different locations, My XJ has the 4.0 I-6 in it and the MJ is currently engine less. the P.O. said it had the I-6 in it, but the tag in the engine bay says it has a 150 cubic Inch engine. I have the transmission to what ever was last used in the bed of the MJ and I think its is the AW4. :hmm:


What Transmissions automatic transmissions did the 2.5 Liter use? I am going to move all the drive train from the XJ to the MJ so i guess i can move the engine mounts over if it did have the 2.5L.


I had been considering doing a 2.5 liter engine any way...



any thought or suggestions?

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