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hey all

no tech questions here, i just want some pics :yes:

I'm plannin on gettin a 3" lift and 31's or 32's on my '88 SWB. i need to get it registered and be able to drive it before i start doing work on my dd (just in case i find more damage when inspecting my differential). anyways i really need new tires so I'm gonna go ahead and do a small lift if I'm gonna spend money on tires. just really wantin to see pics of other MJs with the same amount of lift. ive seen pics of 2" budget boosts, and ive seen 4" lifts and higher. i can't seem to find very many with a 3" lift and i really love the way my blood flows when i see something like that in my near future comanche.gif


but hey, as long as I'm askin, lets see ANY size lifts...all of us here love our jeeps and love to see other rigs so show us what ya got!

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thanks rob

that thing is cleeeaaaannnn :bowdown:


after clicking that link, it suddenly occured to me that ive searched before and have seen all of those lol.

i think what i want to see most is a 3" lift/31's or 32's in comparison to a stock height MJ or a 6'2"ish person standing next to it -- anyone have these pics?


also, like i said, we all like any size rigs...lets see more pics. everyone chime in, lets see what ya got!

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