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My 1988 jeep comanche chief

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i have a 1988 jeep comanche chief 4.0 4wd that i bought when i was 16 years old for 800 dollars when it was bone stock. i put tags on it, and got alll the lights working properley and i drove it for three years before i decided to make some improvments.


Then I decided to do a motor swap. Nothing fancy, just a 1997 ho 4.0 bored .30 that was rebuilt from top to botom. when the rear main seal went out in my 88 4.0, instead of doing all the work to fix it i decided to go ahead and swap motors. but i didnt waste anytime replacing that peugot crap with an ax-15. the transfercase was takin apart because of the number of teeth on the spline did not match. i fixed that and had a pilot bearing made and then everything went together smoothley.


I then decided to put a slight lift on the truck. lol, i went SOA with 5 inch springs in the back and 8.5-9 inch coil springs with the long arm kit in the front with 3 inch adjustable acos spring spacers to rid of a nasty rake. heavy duty track bar stabilizer dropped pitman arm frame doublers the whole nine yards. I'm running 35 14.50 thornbirds and thi truck i my daily driver.


how do i upload pics

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