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My 89 SB pioneer

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Hello everyonem, I got me a 89 comanche SB for $1100 CAD a month ago. The truck is a 2.5L, aw4, 2wd, blue interior.

I bought a 99 cherokee sport for $500 CAD that has a blown trans.


Engine swap

Front end conversion

4WD conversion

Maybe interior swap

Lift 5-8''

tires 33-35''

Paint, blue,silver,or black


Later date:

stroker 4.7

5-6 speed





Pics coming soon

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I would like to introduce "Scrappy" The truck has 250,xxx kms and still runs very well. Passed Aircare with flying colours.


I'm picking up cargo for a delivery I did today, it was 260km round trip in mountainous terrain and I only used $40 bucks gas. jamminz.gif


Here is the interior



I will post images of the donor soon, I plan on tearing into the donor this coming weekend. :wrench:

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More pics.


I had some rust problems around the rear wheel wells. I sanded the junks of rust away and sprayed some rustkiller on it.


Here is the engine, there is a small valve cover leak I need to fix. I hate the smell of burned oil inside when heat is on.


Here is the donor. It is a 99 and has more kms and worse interior then the 89 :shake:

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Hi, in a couple hours I'm going to start pulling parts off my donor. Is there any links anyone would recommends I look at to give me a heads up for any challenges I'm going to be facing when it comes time to upgrade the Comanche? :dunce:

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I started tearing into the pig today, I'm a little scared I got my self into a little more then I thought it was going to be.

I'v done a 4x4,4.0 swap into a 87 sport Comanche from a 88 Cherokee before but all the wiring is the same.

I'm first year Auto Tech Apprentice but that is not much help here lol. Anyways here are some pics, I just getting to know the the pig.






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