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taurus fan swap

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anybody on here done this? i ditched my old fan when my new radiator didnt have the insert. ive got a taurus fan now but still confused on it. ive read write ups by the ton and still don't get it. maybe I'm just a :dunce: but anything with wiring gets me everytime.

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I don't understand what your asking, how to mount it or how to wire it?

If your talking about how to mount it, then I'm sure we'll learn from your pics.

If your talking about wiring it, from what I understand the main issue is the amperage draw on fan start up, meaning you need an HD relay or one the can handle the amperage draw.

I've heard some people say that a regular 30A relay is OK, others say you need larger. Me, I'd try 30s because they are plentiful and free for me. When I see relays and their pigtails in my local JY I cut a few cause I never know what I might want to use them for, examples:fans, fog lights etc. Another issue is how/where you are going to trigger the relay from and the switch you use , IMO the best place is the port in the Tstat housing that the HOs use, reason is because it turns the fan on when the engine gets hot, not till the whole system (radiator, engine) is hot like using the switch that is located is on the bottom left of the radiator. I'm sure there could be debate on the how or where of this location.

I think the reason this subject is not hot is because the general consensus is that an XJ/MJs cooling system is usually marginal at best, meaning their mechanical fan is the best most economical, efficient fan to run, with electric fans from newer HOs or AC equipped as aux and back up to supplement the stock mechanical fan.

Here is a link that has about all you could want to ask about wiring a relay.


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I installed a Taurus fan in my 2.5 and it was not easy. I had to move the entire radiator mount .75" forward to clear the water pump pulley. My fan came from a 96 3.8L, it fit my radiator just right. I ordered my fan controls from Delta Current Control (dccontrol.com), they make a turn-key two speed relay with temp sensor, the wiring was the easiest part of the install. You can see the fan relay mounted on the right inner fender well in the photo.


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