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Found another one....

Comanche County

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Owner is asking too much though...its even beyond my level of squandering and shuffling which I normally squeeze but its slightly out of reach to get the money he wants.....nice ride though. Its a 59' FC150. He let me test drive it which was really fun. Its slow getting up to speed (normal), its an F head 134 that runs like a top, T90/D18, good brakes, just kinda cramped. Few dents, no bondo, straight bed, minimal rust, fully and regularly serviced. He also had a sweet freakin Gremlin with a full leather interior, a 66' Galaxy convertible, a 69' Pontiac Lemans Convertible, a 48 Ford Truck with a flat head six that runs like a Cadi,,, and a couple others,,,,,,I only cared about the FC150. Who knows, got his number and spent a couple hours building rapport, the owner is a great guy, a former AMC salesman, perhaps a future buy. Like I said before, I have a super power for spotting Jeeps, it actually scares people I know, I can't help it. :D

























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