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offset and backspacing for 35's

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I need some advice

I am putting 35 12.50 15 tires on my swb mj with 6.5 lift and long arms.

Probably pitbull rocker radials maybe km2's or mtr kevlars.

I am going to use 15x 10 rims

what's a good offset and backspacing too keep the wheels out where they should be

Please show me pics of yours for reference if you have them


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I run mine of 8" rims with 4" backspacing. That would be the same as a 10" rim with 5" backspacing.


A LOT of 10" rims come with 3.75" backspacing however (like the Streetlocks my 33" highway tires are on) and they make the tires stock WAY out and put an immense amount of stress on the unit bearing. Be prepared to replace a few every year.

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