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fuel pressure regulator leak

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If you have taken the thing off and it's tweaked and won't go back on, buy new clips(5/16")You should replace the whole connector when ever you disconnect it. Toss the old clip assembly EXCEPT the little round spacer inside.


Slide a new QD clip (5/16") over the steel tube. The guts should go in o-ring, spacer, o-ring and push straight in until it clicks. If you're missing any of the o-rings or the spacer, it'll leak.

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No wonder yours is leaking, as ParadiseMJ said that plastic clip goes on the line then the o-ring then a plastic spacer then another o-ring then this assembly snaps into the fuel pressure regulator. Look at the picture in the link I posted, o-rings and spacer are black it that item.

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ah i see..so if I'm understanding you correctly I'm missing another plastic spacer? so my best bet would be just to order one from the link you posted above?


Yes. If you don't already have the spacer...you need it. Believe me, I spent a half a day trying to wrap my head around this connector. I knew it was o-spacer-o, but putting them in the right place was vexing me. I'd go with the connector all put together like in the link, I wish I had seen that before.


The plastic clips can be had in the HELP! section of most parts stores...but if you ask them for the spacer and o-rings, they may just stand there looking at you...I think my parts guy just got back from his lunch/reefer/cocktail break...blank stare.



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