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Lund Sun Visor

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Scored a Lund sun visor off an 87 long bed at the JY today. Looks as if it

had been installed for many years, very faded and peeled. Now I'm debating,

do I really want to drill all those holes into the cab to mount it? I like the

look, but that's a drastic mod and irreversible. Comments?

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I wouldn't call it irreversible; it's just a few 1/4" holes in the roof. :D Just fill them in and repaint the roof. But I wouldn't install one that wasn't in good shape. If you do, use some neoprene washers between the visor and cab roof; it'll never leak.

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You should never put that on a Florida Truck. Way too much rain. It will leak and rust your floors out in a month.


Instead, please carefully wrap it and ship it to Southern California - it never rains in Southern California, so the visor can be safely used here (by me). Seriously, if you want to sell it - let me know.

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I found one from the jy for $20. Installed it with nuts, bolts, rubber washers and for added measure, put clear silicone on it too. it does not leak a drop and ive tested it with a high pressure hose at a car wash. Like hornbrod said, its easily reversible just fill the holes and you'll never know it was ever there. As long as its not cracked or chipped anywhere it will clean up nice. a little sanding, primer and paint and your good to go.

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RE: Seriously, if you want to sell it - let me know.


I'll keep that in mind. Truck will be headed to a much

drier climate next year, and maybe by then I will have

decided whether to pull the "drill" trigger or not. In

the mean time it sits in the ever-growing pile of parts

that vexes my bride. A little effort to strip the old

peeling paint and it will be like new.

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