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New to forum, looking at a 88 manche

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Hello all,


I've wanted a Comanche since I fell in love with jeeps. So it's time for me to get one, also i need to buy a truck so it works.


I'm looking at a jeep up in LA so I wanted to find out if there is anything I should know about the 88 manche 4.0 auto long bed, common problems, etc.


So I will :bowdown: to your :smart: and turn my :dunno: into :beerhead: but not while comanche.gif


Thanks for any help.

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the manual tranny is kinda weak for 87-mid 89 manches, the auto is a beast though. however if you're good with a wrench a strong replacement tranny is readily available and cheap to u-pull.


other problems... rust? idk how CA is about rust so I'm not sure if thats an issue for you. check the floors though cause the carpet retains water. alot.


other than that... jamminz.gif they all have their own little demons, but what jeep doesnt?

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The 4.0Ls pretty rugged, as is the auto. Doubt you'll have rust issues, but as Oiz said, jab the floor from the underside with a screwdriver if you're concerned.


Check for a Dana 44 rear end, as the Dana 35 that most trucks had tends to be a problem with large tires. If you're keeping it stock, I wouldn't worry about it though.


Some nice things too look for are the Dana 44, a good headliner, bucket seats, and full gauges. Those are all things that ppl usually want but don't have.


Happy MJing!

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