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MJ OEM Foglight Harness


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Hey guys, I just got my foglight switch assembly today and I am looking to finish up the foglight install on the MJ. The Jeep never had fogs from the factory but from what ive gathered the wiring is there to the wirewall correct? I have (in the area of the oem switch) two harnesses and lights. A green set of three cables and a pink with the same count. I put the foglight switch onto the green ones and with the lights on and low beams on I got the light on the switch to come on! So I'm pretty positive that is the correct set of cables as I think the pink is for the bed light.


Well, my big question for everyone is where is this ten pin connector ive read about? Ive looked in the engine bay and I havent found anything. Does anybody have a picture of where it is and what it looks like? On the green cab harness for the switch theres a solid green, green with a black tracer, and a black. Black is the ground but which of the greens should I be looking for to attach my engine bay harness to? Ive already wired in the relay and the lights are wired. I just need to get the power cable from the relay to the harness to complete it. Help!





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