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Clutch problem diagnosis

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hey guys so my clutch has been working fine now since ive had my comanche and all of a sudden out of no where last night while i was working on her i pushed the clutch in and it was totally soft, pedal to the floor, i checked the fluid level and it seemed to be normal, what could be the problem and where should i begin

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What comes to mind, if you have not lost any fluid, is either a faulty seal in the master cylinder that

is allowing the piston to travel without pushing any fluid into the line, or air in the system. Even

though the fluid level seems to be normal, I suggest still inspecting everywhere for fluid leak and

also that you bleed the system. Like brakes, it doesn't take much air to make a pedal go soft. Awaiting

your results.

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After you've confirmed no leaks:

This is how I do it alone, but it's much easier with help.

Locate the bleed nipple on line coming out of the bell housing.

You will need two box wrenches, one for the nipple and one for

its base. See if the nipple can be loosened. Sometimes they're

easy and sometimes not. Get a piece of (preferably clear) tubing

that fits tightly on the nipple. Insert the free end of the tube into

a jar containing brake fluid, with the end of the tube submerged.

Open the nipple perhaps a half turn or less. Position yourself so

you can work the pedal and also see the jar. Work the pedal while

observing the jar. If you have air in the line you will see bubbles

flowing into the jar. If air is your problem you will continue to

work the pedal until no more bubbles then close the nipple. Keep an

eye on the CMC reservoir to make sure you don't pump out all the

fluid. If bleeding doesn't restore a firm pedal I think your CMC is toast.

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