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wiring an aftermarket radio


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Needed to upgrade the tunes in the truck so I just finished installing a cheapie Sony Xplod and some Kicker speakers.


Now when I turn on the headlights, it blows the instrument panel lights fuse and shuts the radio off. Shutting the headlights off restores power to the radio. All exterior lights work.


Using my power probe I found going to the factory radio


BLU/WHT = switched +

PPL/ORG = switched +

PINK = constant +

ORG/BLK = ground

BLK = ground attached to radio chassis




I used the PINK for radio constant and the BLU/WHT for radio switched.

I tied both grounds BLK and ORG/BLK together to provide radio ground.

I insulated and terminated PPL/ORG and did not use



What did I do here? Can someone provide a wiring diagram? Why are there two switched power and two grounds?








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