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hi all, I'm trying to take all the carpet out so i can get to the floor pans and see just how much rust is in there, i got both the seats out now I'm trying to take the seat belt clips out and they have a torx bolt on them just wondering if anybody knows the correct size of that bolt also I'm trying to get the plastic that holds the shifter and all that stuff in place just wondering if that clips in place or if there is bolts somewhere holding it in place i don't want to break it so any help would be good thanks!

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The socket you want is a T50. If you have the mini console there is two screws holding it. One on either side. The medium has four and the long one has six. On the short one the screws are accessible by removing the junk thats accumulated in the pockets. To access the screws on the longer ones, remove the storage compartment.

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