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Windsheild Wiper Question

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When I first bought my Comanche it didnt even have the wiper motor installed. My dad and I checked out the motor it came with and found the motor did work, however the switch from the truck didnt. So we hooked robbers onto the wipers wiring and ran those to a three way switch and push button under my ashtray. I have used this setup for a very long time and I am sick of reaching down ever time it sprinkles, and having to time it just right to get the wipers to stay were they belong (since I'm not using the standard switch the thing that makes them go back "home" is not working either). My question is how hard is it to fix the switch within my tilt column MJ? I have been hesitant to just dig in because I don't see anything about it in Chilton or Haynes and I don't want to decomission my DD. Any help?

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Really seems like more trouble than its worth :ack:

It's not really that hard ,forum search for all the info ,buy the parts , give yourself a time-line and just do it . After all you still have the shade tree mechanic fix( current situation) to fall back on , owning a MJ isn't for the faint of heart......" Cowboy up "......enjoy the the ride :cheers:

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