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General differential question

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General differential question for you guys-


As I posted elsewhere I now have a parts Jeep. The rear is a Chrysler and the front is a D30, 3.55s and typical I suppose of 4.0s with auto trans.

In the past I had not been able to break one wheel lose under power, front or rear. In fact when say turning around on gravel at low speed the Jeep would buck as all four wheels were grabbing. So I assumed that both axles have Trac-lock difs that actually work, untill now I've had no reason to open them up but I will in the next couple of weeks depending on what I decide to do with them.


My Comanche has open difs and does not buck as the Cherokee did. I also had a 92 Cherokee years ago that must have had open difs because it too did not buck.


Is what I'm describing the characteristics of Trac-lock? Would some Cherokees have come special order with posi difs? Common?


I'm looking for another Cherokee for the wife and it will likely not be another 98 but an earlier one, cash thin, so I'll likely swap these over. Worth hanging on to?




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