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My soon to be Project


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Hey all,


New here, and glad I found you all ! I've got a 1990 Comanche, nothing too special. I'm looking for the "Window wipes" - the widow edge weatherstripping. It's hard for me to find, and mine are all rotten and falling apart. I also saw a very long thread about bed side panels.. Any fresh info on those also greatly appreciated. I'll be posting pics of my truck most likely in the spring when I have the time and money to start some work on it.

Til then, I'll read up on the rest of the posts.





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Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the door window weather stripping is the same as whats on a 4 door Cherokee. There's plenty of Cherokee's out there plus I'm fairly certain your local Jeep dealer should still have some in stock or be able to order um for you.


Hope that helps.


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