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Does a 4.2 manifold fit on a 4.0 head?

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The old carbed AMC 258s... And the newer ones... Is the head the same pattern of intake/exhaust ports as the renix 4.0?




I know the HO stuff is different.



Oh, if you're wondering, I'm gonna buy an offenhauser intake ment for a 258 out of a IH scout. Which is the same as the AMC 258. That way I can just throw an impco 425 (cfm mixer) on it and make the f;ing thing run on propane. The hood is going to need a hole. A big hole.

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The intake manifolds are the same from the 258 and 4.0L.. in some cases you might have to grind down one of the allignment stubs to make it fit with the exhaust manifold. The exhaust ports are different.. you would need an exhaust manifold for that year... the intake will work.

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