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Manifold bolts..

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They're all the same thread pitch and length, yeah? I can't get the number 1 bolt to start.. the one directly in the center.. all others are in. It came out fine, no problems, but will not go back in. The number 2 and 6 bolts weren't even there, just empty. I bought new grade 8 hardware to replace.



There's not much room to get a thread tap in there, and large potential to screw the pooch if I do. :fs2: Also, I don't have a tap and die set yet.



It's the bolt that requires the TBI to be yanked for access.

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Thanks, I ended up blowing it out with canned air , but I got it. Loosened all the manifold bolts and jacked up the exhaust slightly. Somehow despite all the other bolts lining up perfectly and being tightened, this one wasn't aligned with the manifold. :nuts:


I now own a tap and die set thanks to a closing time run to O'Reillys.. that did me zero good. :doh: Oh well, I needed one anyway.


Were you able fix your randomly revving tranny?

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