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scored a heck of a deal (parts for my 88-99 truck)

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I was strolling around craigslist one day and ran across an ad for a 5 speed jeep transmission for 100 bucks so i looked at it, i ended up calling the guy and meeting with him and picked all this up for 200 bucks! I have everything to convert my 88-99 truck that ive been driving over to an ax-15. all these parts came out of a 99 cherokee so i have the correct wiring harness and computer and everything even a hardly used centerforce clutch..



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well ive had 5 or 6 pre 94 ax-15's and this is my first external slave one ive run across that i had the chance to buy, i just got really lucky


I can't wait till I can get started converting my mj over to 5 speed, sucks I have to wait till i get the 91-98 truck driving first

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ya i got everything, i just didnt have everything pictured.


the guy rolled his jeep wheeling and was just gonna scrap the body and wanted to sell off what he could before he did, he was selling the transmission for 100 and centerforce clutch for 50 and i offered him 50 more for all the other stuff since it was going to scrap anyways.

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