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Got another way of getting around


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So today I got another way to get around a bit more given to me for FREE from a friend of mine :D





There are only a few things I know about it. 

It gets 60+ mpg, but only goes 35 mph. It needs a new drive chain and the pedals are crazy loose so you have to give it a running start. Also needs new tires. But what I do know is that since it's under 50 CC's in FL I don't need a tag or insurance so even if I don't use it that much I'm happy with that since the only thing I have to pay for is gas. But I'm not sure yet if it's going to be safe enough to drive to school every day which is 11 miles one way.  But I know it's going to be supper helpful since that truck I'm getting only gets 9 mpg and I can use the bike  for goig to friends homes and  running simple errands.


Does any body know anything about these? I would like to know more but I can't seem to find any thing about them.



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