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Cherokee OEM Dome Light

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Hey guys, I just received my NOS OEM Cherokee dome light assembly from teamcherokee.com. Just wondering if anyone knows the wiring color codes I should be hooking these up to? On the plug the colors are:


Orange (thicker wire. 12v source?)

White (thicker wire. Door switches?)

White (two smaller gauge to one plug. Grounds?)


Here is a picture for reference




Once I get the wiring down I need to figure out how to secure it to the headliner. Any ideas?



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What's it going in? ? A XJ or MJ? If it's a XJ there should already be a harness with the plugs on it. I'm going to assume your putting it in a MJ. The orange should be going to hot, +12V.


Big white to ground Via the door switch, Right front. Take a ohm reading and see if the 2 small white are connected to the Large white or the orange. They probably are for the reading lights on a XJ. 2 small white would go to the reading lights on a XJ. On a MJ cut them off, or tape them up so they don't touch anything.

Velcro might hold it up. Or just make the bracket.

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Its going into an MJ. I guess my big question was what should these wires be tapped into in the MJ harness to make them work? I plan on just running some wires over to the b-pillar lights I put in but I cannot remember how I wired them. Ill take a look at the wiring I did in a bit and see what the color code is



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Just studied my 97 XJ FSM...here we go...


Orange wire is M1 circuit. It should get constant hot.


Center large gauge white wire is M2 circuit. It grounds if door ajar switch goes to ground. The circuit also ties into headlamp switch, so if you turn knob completely to left, it will illuminate the overhead lamp.


The two small gauge white wires are the Z1 circuit and should go to constant ground. When you press either of the reading lamp buttons, the reading lamp switch closes and completes the circuit, turning on that particular reading lamp.


It makes sense based on your pic. Orange power is supplied to both sides. The large white switched ground is for the dome light & the two separate grounds complete the smaller reading lamp circuits.


You may want to mock it up and test it first, but that is how I understand it.

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And for future reference for anyone trying this, here's the wiring.


Cherokee Dome Light


Orange: 12v Constant

Thick White: Door Check

Thin Dual Whites: Grounds


Comanche B-Pillar Courtesy Lights


Red- 12v Constant

Black/White Striped: Door Check

Black- Ground


Hope that helps anyone attempting this in the future! I will wire it up tomorrow and post some pictures



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