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Morris Mountain ORV in alabama

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morrismountainorv.com is the website, and its a cool place man.


we drove up about 1hr from where my brother lives, took separate cars (thank god) we got to the first obstacle, "the good, the bad, and the ugly" and its a rock face about 3 stories up at steep angles, on their scale its a 3-4-5 (good/bad/ugly) 3 being medium, 5 being "impossible"


and the ugly was pretty sick, so we took the bad up the left side, ive got some picks but they arent good and i didnt get many towards the top cause then i got to drive a little.


here's some pics:

the pics really only show the bottom of the hill, i shuoldve gotten one from the bottom as he was going up.. (but i was spottin & it was WAY to slick out to be standin behind him)

so we made it to the top of the bad, had one more rock to get over, and the friggin radiator BLEW pop,sizzle, whole passenger side ofthe tank cracked ALL THE WAY from the top to the bottom. :headpop: (


walked back to my truck 1/4mi ran to the store, bought a rad. fixed her up and drove er home. best part... they said we could come back free next run since we only got to see one of the main obstacles.


all in all pretty good place, but i wouldnt drive to it from ohio or anything like that.

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