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Vacuum line question

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What is the 3 way vacuum fitting in the picture, the one screwed into the intake. The small line coming out of the top goes to the valve cover, what are the other two ports for? When I block the top port with my finger the motor dies.

Also, looks like all the EGR lines are capped off, any negative implications to not have that system functioning?


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EGR actuator and EGR solenoid.


The top one should go into your fuel pressure regulator...not the valve cover...so it dies when blocked. The only small vac line into you valve cover should be the CCV line.


It's entirely possible that it'd run poorly. Some guys have blocked the EGR off altogether. Out here you would not pass smog without a funtioning EGR. You'd also be spewing more into your CAT and the air.


You also have a super big line coming out of your CCV in the REAR of the valve cover. More is not necessarily better. It should be a smaller vac line with a metered orofice (.025).

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