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2.5 Head Removal questions

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I searched, but couldn't find a particular thread specifically on head removal. So, I have some questions..


What size and thread pitch are the exhaust manifold and intake bolts? Apparently two of mine are missing.


Can I just unbolt both manifolds (and the pass side bracketry) and lift the head straight up and out? Or does the throttle body assembly need to come off or loosen?




Am I correct in thinking this top end looks pretty decent? Bonus points if you can figure out why the hell my red jeep looks like a banana in this picture.. :hmm:




Bottom left is where my leak is coming from. White smoke from tailpipe, but no milkshake oil makes me think cracked head/blown head gasket. As soon as I get the manifolds off and head up it's going to the machine shop or the dump.


Any advice short of setting the whole thing on fire is welcomed.

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Best bet is to remove one of the other bolts and measure it. Seems there is no definate pattern as to what is metric and what is SAE. I've found both on the same engine. Sometimes there is no bolt on the two ends of the manifold. Just the holes. Sometimes there is a guide pin. Again, no rhythm or reason. Just Jeep. Shouldn't have to remove the TB. Just leave it on the manifold. As for the Yellow, it's just the way cameras work.

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