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99 aw4 with obd 1 wiring

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I'm to the trans swap in my ho build and hit a issue. I have a 99 aw4 out of my cherokee i would like to install in my comanche, the engine and T-case is also out of the 99 running 92 obd 1 wiring. The problem i have is with the 99 trans having the extra front sensor. If i was to swap the wiring harness and sensor's from the 92 aw4 trans to my 99 aw4 and just not plug anything into the front sensor, will the trans operate correctly?

i appologize for for the long winded question.


Thanks in advance for the help!

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just swap the neutral safety switch, cut the connector that goes to the engine wiring off, and splice on the proper year connector. the connectors are wired the same, so getting it wired is very simple. you just won't use the two wires for that extra sensor.




I say cut and splice because otherwise you've got to tear into the trans a bit to get the wiring installed in it.

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