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Rims and tires


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Cowboy talked me into getting some crappy rims and getting new tires so I have to let mine go.


I've only had the tires for about a year and they have maybe 5,000 miles on them which makes them "like new" they also have had nitrogen in them the entire time. They are  31x10.5x15 prillie scorpion alterain which is the BEST alterain $ can buy. They are a 50,000 mile tire. here are some pics of them on the truck:



The rims are classic stock aluminum tubine jeep rims that came originally with my 89 jeep Comanche. They clean up amazing and will make any jeep owner proud. They are 5x4.5 bolt pattern.


For tires and rims I will take $600 and that's with nitrogen in them.


For just tires I will take $500


And for just the rims I'll take $200.


Just let me know when and where. Thanks :)



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