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87 MJ, 4X4, 2.5 cyl, Michigan


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Up for sale is my 87 Comanche 4x4. The transmission went out in May of 2007 and the truck has been sitting in my yard since then. Here are the details:

- 2.5L Engine - 123,257 miles, rebuilt by previous owner at 89,745 miles. Ran good, burned a little oil but not bad.

- AX-5 Transmission - still works in 4th gear, but will need rebuilt or replaced.

- NP 231 Transfer case - Four wheel drive worked great!

- At 101,127 miles - replaced fuel tank with a 25 gallon tank (used), front track bar (new), and front axle joints (new).

- At 111,587 miles - replaced starter (used), and replaced alternator (rebuilt) sometime before that.

- At 114,610 miles - replaced front brake hoses (new), and rear brake shoes, cylinders, and drums (new).

- At 116,967 miles - replaced steering box (used), emergency/parking brake line/cable (used), and replaced all tie rod ends (new).

- At 117,230 miles - installed clutch kit (new).

I have all the paperwork to show all this, if wanted. It used to be my daily driver before the transmission went out. It is pretty rusty, especially in the rocker panels and rear fenders. I've got 5 tires and rims for it. It may need a new tire or two because they've been sitting so long. It will also need a new muffler. There is also a crack in the windshield. It has a pretty heavy duty rear bumper, and a jimmy-rigged rear windshield wiper. It will also need a battery. I stuck another battery in it this past spring to start it up after sitting for about two years and it fired right up!


There are a bunch of pictures posted on webshots. http://community.webshots.com/user/ekulrenlig

One album is from 2006, but the other album was taken this past spring 2010. It is located in Gaylord Michigan. I'd like $650 for it, but I will also consider trades for a woodworking tools, or a fishing boat and trailer, or ??, let me know what you have.

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