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87 MJ 4.0l ba 10/5, $2000obo - IL


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hey, its been about a year and 6 months since have this badass MJ but i don't have time to restore it.


I'm asking for $3000 obo because of those lists r worth.


its drivitable now but unforuntely its have no title. (lost it)


currently lists on this MJ

-14XXXX mileages


-4x4 (np231)

-ba 10/5 transmission(shift smooth and fine) with external clutch

-swapped axles, both 3.55 - full width and trussed

-front HP D44 with new tierods, new calipers, brake pads and wheel hub lock from milemarker.

-rear 9" rear with big bearing, new bearing with seal from tikmen

-custom rear brake disc conversion.

-flushed all fluid, oils, etc.

-factory roll bars

-custom front and rear bumpers

-35" MT mastercraft 15x12.5 note: rims r 5x5.5

-custom long radius arm with heavy duty skid armor

-tuned up engine

-upgraded brake with ZJ booster and M/C

-swapped cluster gauges

-new axles seal in front HP 44

-both axles are from 78-79 bronco

-elimiated height sensor and replace proportion valve with ZJ for better brake split (70/30)

-flooris already restored and bedlined plus cover with black carpet

-6" lift with SOA

-custom steering system

-new front shocks

-mint rust(NO ROTTING at all)

-restored most wires and fuse block as I can.

-new oil pan gasket

-water pump, thermostat housing and 190* thermostat

-new lower radiator hose and clamps

-custom wiring to maunal power on the electric fan for wheeling reason

-new alternator

-interstat battery with both new postive and negative cables.

-replace whole brake lines

-SS front and rear brake hoses



now finally pictures




this link is show if your interesting how I restored my MJ viewtopic.php?f=7&t=23059


if your interesting this mj, PM me then we will discuss.

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Lost it, even lost the contact to previous owner. Then worst part, on the DMV CPU, there no record of my mj VIN. I think preppie owner wrote down the VIN wrong?


Even my friend who work at swat, he looked at my vin and still nothing.


So nothing to prove it's my mj and DMV keep turn down for get bond title.



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