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Front Shaft Length

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First, the data:

4.0L - 4wd - D30 front - AX15 - 231 - 2" lift

Next the change:

was 92 high pinion, now 01 low pinion

was original LCA/UCA, now ZJ LCA/UCA (lengths virtually identical)


My old front DS was in poor shape, so it went to the scrap yard.


I grabbed a JY DS in great shape, paying attention only that it came

from the newest 4.0 XJ I could find. Stripped, blasted, coated, new

U joints. A work of art. It will not fit. Fully collapsed I cannot get

it in, and, without further ability to compress wouldn't want it in there

now anyways. It measures 30.7 center to center fully collapsed. I've

now learned that auto shafts are longer than manual.


Here's my question: I will have it shortened to what length?? How

much remaining extension with shaft installed is appropriate?

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Just had a near rear shaft made and they wanted the length from the center of the u joint cap to the center of the u joint cap because apparently some ends are different lengths from different manufacturers.


Tom Woods wants all sorts of crazy measurements, on their site they have a 5 page guide to measure your shaft properly (that's what she said?). Shows their quality work.


Other places just asked me for weld to weld length.

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