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IL: FS/FT '98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.0L


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FS/FT '98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.0L

Recently getting tired of the same vehicle, so its time to pull the trigger on a new dd. Here's what I have to sell/trade:


1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ. I have had it for about 3 years, and its been my fun little DD/project and fun vehicle. I go through cars like people change underwear. I have a constant influx and outflux of projects (namely Comanches), and usually change up the DD once every couple years. I am not getting rid of this because its a problem, or because it falling apart, just want another Jeep. Its been a labor of love, and I have been working out the kinks as I go. Easily the nicest vehicle I have owned. Details:


1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

140K and change miles

Flame Red (Awesome eye catching color)

Dark Slate Leather interior

Keyless entry

4.0L High Output (Bombproof)

42RE Auto transmission

NP249 All Wheel drive Transfercase

Dana 30 Front axle, 3.73 gears

Dana 35 Rear axle, 3.73 gears

Rubicon Express 2" Budget boost lift kit with shocks

American Racing Black steel D-window wheels (757's I think)

30" X 9.5" Goodyear Wrangler GSA Tires, 2 New, 2 80% tread RWL out

Class 3 2" Slide in hitch with 4-flat trailer wiring

Infinity gold stereo

Infinity Kappa Speakers all around

Remote start (never got a fob)

Factory undercoated, and clean underneath

Factory power sunroof (not some crappy afterthought junk)

Heated mirrors, auto tint rearview

Memory seats, mirrors, and presets (Awesome! One unlock of your fob, the seat goes back to your position, the mirrors come back, and the presets change back to yours!)

Steering wheel mounted radio controls

K/N air filter

"Crystal" headlight housings

Ares Grille guard

Factory Front tow hook kit

New Radiator/Thermostat/Coolant Flush

New Unit Bearings

New Front Pads/Rotors (Not house brand, I don't cheap out on front brakes)

New front inner axle seals and fluid service

New Spark Plugs



To do yet:

NP242 Transfer case out of a 1998 ZJ-42RE. (2WD, 4 High and low part time, and 4 High and low AWD options) Have case, no time to install. Will go with.



Its been a great DD, as I finally learned that the DD shouldn't be a project. But, I couldn't leave it stock. Its given me some hiccups, but been ultra reliable. I got it from a used car lot and beat it like it owed me money to start (to give an idea, I blew up a dodge Dakota on a test drive the week before. This ZJ held up to my abusive first test drive!) It acutally gets great gas mileage for what it is. If you drive like an old man like I do (cruise whenever possible, coasting to stops, easy throttle) I frequently see MPG's in the low 20's. I've been working the bugs out of it and finally have it where I want it, almost. I went to the dealer and got the factory mud-catcher mats right away. The stock infinity speakers blew out, so I replaced them with 2 way infinity Kappa's all around, which sound awesome. I replaced the stock D30/35 3.55's with a pair out of a V8 ZJ with 3.73's to help the towing a bit, and pep. Installed the Rubicon express lift while I was doing it, and shocks. I have replaced the sway bar with one out of a V8 ZJ, its thicker, and makes it feel better on the road. I upgraded the steering linkage to the stronger, solid V8 stuff. It's blown the trans cooler lines (like all the XJ/ZJ's do) I flaired off the line and put some hose clamps on it. It won't come off again. Regular oil changes with 10-30 Mobil one, and always a Mopar filter. Transmission was flushed with the Mopar ATF +4, axles are running full synthetic with a certified labs gear additive (cool stuff). Over the winter, I replaced the radiator/thermostat with a brand new one, new unit bearings on both sides of the front, both front axle u-joints, and a sway bar link. Nice and tight. Finally. I ended up changing the plugs when the guy had me do the compression test, as it would have been stupid not to.



I took out the front driveshaft because the NP249 started binding, and was becoming a pain. I have the NP242 that will go with it, as well as the front driveshaft that will work with it. It runs fine without the shaft, and has better road manners. The heated seats don't heat, never really looked into it... The power comes on, never checked the voltage at the seat connector. I am betting it just needs new elements. I just charged the A/C with dye, but it recently lost charge... That will most likely be fixed because its been so stupid hot. The remote start is installed, it was in it when I bought it, just never found/got a fob. I was going to have an auto accessories place look into finding a replacement.








Youtube video:




Someone out of state had me do a compression test on all 6 cylinders because he wanted to be sure. Even with 150K, they are all up around 150. Videos for those who care.


Cyl 1:



Cyl 2:



Cyl 3:



Cyl 4:



Cyl 5:



Cyl 6:



Cash wise, I am open to offers within reason. I am more holding out for a trade, because if I sold it outright, I wouldn't have a driver.


Located in Harvard, IL, just East of Rockford on the IL/WI border.


Let me know what you have.




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Such a nice example of the first gen Grand Cherokee. We have a 94 4x4 4.0L here at my house, except it is in somewhat poor shape. It still drives, but the A/C doesn't work, the 4x4 went out a few months back, and the radio doesn't receive FM, not to mention the speakers are still stock.


I'd ask my mom to offer up her 98 Durango with the V8 Magnum engine, but with all the repairs she's had to put into it since 2008, I don't think I could consciously have her sell it to you, nor trust her to take car of the 98. If only the money gods were kind.


Hope it finds a good home. Happy Holidays.

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