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Truck bogs down at stops and dies on morning start.

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Recently my truck has started dying on me in the morning as soon as I touch the gas. I have to wait a couple minutes before I can actually go anywhere. Also, if I have the A/C running while I am driving as soon as I come to a stop the engine bogs down on me acting like its about to die until I give it some more gas. Thank you guys for the help.

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sound like air idle control motor. mine did the same thing in the mornings, had to get some heat in the engine before i could play with the throttle. If it is that then don't pay for the cheepest one you can find. ive had lots of cheepos crap out on me way to soon. I don't use my ac, but i believe the air idle control also kicks up the engine speed when the ac is turned on..... i think. gl

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