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D60 front using MJ suspension

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Does anyone have any build up info, here or from another site, using a pass. drop D60 front in an XJ/MJ and retaining the coil spring front suspension? I do not want to do a front leaf swap. ( I am converting a 2wd so using a Dana 300 instead of a 231 is no big deal).


Yes, D60's are large. But if you are going to put a new front axle in they are the same price ( other than the purchase price) for swap goodies as about anything else. For example, say you find a D60 front and rear set with matching 4.10 ratios. Rear has a full detroit while the front has a neato power-lock LSD. Around $1000. Going cheap, re-gearing a HPd30/8.25 would be at least $500. "almost alloy" shafts $400. Rear lunch box/front true-trac $700. So, that is $1600 and that is without any trussing or other upgrades to the stock axle set. You can get surplus 37's for $80 to $130 each and cheap beadlocks for the 60's are out there. Going D60's front and rear would be no more work and no more expense past the purchase price than say a HPD44/9" combo and I'd end up with a much stronger axle set.


I did a search. But the search feature insists on dropping the "60" from any search for a "dana 60" and you end up with a few thousand threads. I looked through a few hundred but...


Any help would be appreciated! :thumbsup:

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Ballistic Fab makes a kit that includes everything except the upper control arm mounts for just a bit over $100. I believe there are others out there but don't know offhand who.


Ballistic Fab seems to be having a problem shipping internet orders out, though. Supposedly if you order by telephone you should be okay.


(Planning on doing the same thing next year).

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I did a bit of research on Ballistic and, unfortunately, their issues extend to phone orders too. Numerous cases of sales people telling customers that an item is in stock just to get the person's money and no product is ever sent. It looks like they are too cash strapped to repair their main machines and are saying anything to get the cash coming in to fix them. Very unfortunate because the only other "kit" that I know of is from Clayton and it is $450 :ack: Rubicon Engineering HAD parts for the swap but they are gone, too, for all intents and purposes. I would have to lean very heavily on some favors to have this stuff fabbed up if it comes to that. LCA brackets and coil buckets are out there, but the UCA mounts seem to be the issue. Some other stuff is HP Ford D60 specific. :fs2: I may ending uo cutting off the factory mounts and trying to strengthen them... :ack:


I could stick the the original plan of my 32" TSLs on the stock stuff but i was hoping to increase the beef as I will have to drive the truck to where ever I 'wheel it and I just am not feeling comfortable with being 4,5,6 hours from home on a stock D30.

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We have 18 of the RE kits on the shelf; so they are still accessible. We have most of the individual parts on the shelf as well if your not wanting the full kit.


Ballastic Fab had a press-release last week that they are "refocusing" the company and a large portion of their product line will be discontinued. They had a large list of the products they were trying to closeout and the mounting kit was not on there. So maybe that is one of them that they plan on keeping...


Have you checked with TNT Customs?

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